How to get a deal from a Shark – Part II

How to get a deal from a Shark – Part II

To be Continued from Part I , If you havent went through PartI here is link. Now lets see these 2 Sharks Daymond John and Lori Greiner how to get a deal from these Sharks. Here are some of my findings ,

3. Daymond John : AKA Fashion guru . Founder, President, and CEO of FUBU . He is fashion guy likes to invest in Clothing and various forms varieties of Mens , womens apparels also in retail products . He has very few investments in software / app etc.

Offers :
He typically offers x amount of $ for 33% minimum , he hardly goes down below 33% equity / stake. If DJ makes an offer first and that you are eager to hear or hearing other Shark’s offer then usually withdraws his offer . He is very flexible in partnering with other Sharks . He has partnership / deal of HSN .

Successful deals on Shark Tank :

  • Bubba’s Q
  • Mission Belt

4. Lori Greiner : AKA Queen of QVC. She is a Inventor, entrepreneur, television personality, author, investor. She holds over 100 U.S patents.  Lori sticks to equity what she offers , because she is know for lightning speed in retail products .   She has very good relationship with some of largest retailers in U.S (Walmart , Target , Bed Bath and Beyond etc.) . She belives is her own strategy to bringing into retailer . Her majority of investment are in mass product which are appeal to larger cosumer rather than small target audience. She has very few investments in Bakery products / cookies / healthy products / software / mobile apps. etc.


She takes atleast 15% equity depends of product / Business idea. If your product is not yet make it to retail her first step will be get into retail.

Successful deals on Shark Tank :

  •  Scrub daddy
  • Drop stop

All of these findings / analysis are based on my views might vary from person to person.

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How to get a deal from a Shark – Part I

How to get a deal from a Shark – Part I

Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered on August 9, 2009, on ABC. The show is a franchise of the international format Dragons’ Den, which originated in Japan in 2001. Shark Tank shows aspiring entrepreneur-contestants as they make business presentations to a panel of “shark” investors, who then choose whether to invest. Each Shark (Investor ) is from different background and loads of experiences from various Industry . Here are the names and businessness of Sharks from Shark Tank. In Part I will cover for these Sharks,

1. Kevin O’Leary : O’Leary Funds , O’Leary Ventures , Softkey and StorageNow Holdings
2. Barbara Corcoran : Founder of The Corcoran Group, Barbara Corcoran Inc. and Forefront Venture Partners

While pitching to Shark here are some key rules you must follow to get a deal ,
1. You should be clear with your numbers (Revenue, EBITDA)
2. Your business must have minimum debt
3. You should own maximum % of your business (more than 80%)

Now lets see the which Shark will be suitable for your Business / Idea ,

1. Kevin O’Leary : He is shrewd venture capitalist and has brilliant Business Accumen. Kevin’s favorite question to you are  
– What is your customer acquistion cost
– Have you valuated your Business correctly ?
– Is there anything propritory or IP or having patent on your Business idea / Product

He only wants his money back thats it he will invest irrespetive of his own liking or passion in your product / Business or idea . His deals are usually of royalty based he doesnot want you equity / stake in your business like,
If you are asking for $250,000 in 20% stake means you are valuating business at $1.25 million : Deals he would make

a. If it’s retail / Bakery items / Beverages / Fitness products,
For every item sold $2 untill he recouped his $250,000 and drop $1 in perpetuity

b. Mobile app / Software
He wil, give $250,000 as loan at 18% interest rate , doesnot want any equity.

c. Likes to liecense a product .

d. Sue over intellictual property or patent (Utility or Design) that you have.

Successful deals on Shark Tank

  • Plated
  • Wicked good cup cakes
  • Lovepop

2. Barbara Corcoran: Barbara is one of my favorite Sharkats 🙂 , because she knows how to judge people quikly  and whether can he / she do the Business with her ? . Her majortiy of deals are Baking products or Food items / Cuisines etc. She has vast experience in taking an idea and making it into big business , also know how to Brand ,  Design a product . 


Barbara sticks to what she offers , she wants atleast 20 % of Business (According to avg. taken from deals she made ).  She must feel passionate about your product or like a test if its a food item / cuisines.

Successful Deals Best deals on Shark Tank

  • Ryans Barkary
  • Tom + Cheese
  • Cousins Main Lobsters.

In next Part will see for next Sharks .

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What are the steps involved in Machine Learning ?

Easy ways to start and to know about Machine Learning ,

Let see example below to visualize how above steps in action ,
Suppose we want to determine difference between Wine and Beer. How do we differensiate in terms of Color or Alcohol percentage ? . We need to have a data from different glassess of Beer and Wine .

Prepare a data in table format or graph in terms of color , % of Alcohol and Beer or Wine. Need to a choose a model as there different models created by Data scientists for Text, Speech , Images , colors and sequences. Then it comes a Traning which is most important part of ML. By Choosing a model we are able to differensiate between Beer and wine rather than depends of human judgement.

For training we have equation
y (output) = m (slope) * x (input) + b (Y-intercept)
weights = [m1,1 m1,2]
biases = [b1,1 b1,2]
Model is nothing but random values of matrix [W,b]
Training data -> Model [W,b] -> Prediction -> Test &Update W,b = Repetitive process

Actual steps of ML
1. Gathering Data
2. Preparing that Data
3. Choosing a Model
4. Training
5. Evolution
6. Hyperparameter Tuning
7. Prediction

Appplications of Machine learning 

1.Detecting cancer,
2. Self driving cards
3. Detecting escalators in need of repair
4. Diabetic Retinopathy

Market size
It will rech $8.81 Billion by 2022 as per reports published by MarketsandMarkets

Want to get your hands dirty in ML use this API ,
TesorFlow is an open source software library for Machine Intelligence. Here is to play around API.


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Mark cuban talks about his Investment Philosophy , Start-ups going public and Automation

Mark cuban talks about his Investment Philosophy , Start-ups going public and Automation at Upfront Ventures conference . Mark Cuban is a Billionaire , one of the Shark at Shark tank  , tech mogul & outspoken owner of Dallas Mavericks. His Net Worth is $3.3 billion .

Why companies goes public because they feared there culture will change, affraid of becoming public comapny CEO.20 years back 9000 companies were public companies , now only 4000. During dot-com hit companies has to depend on analyst but now information is so easily available companies just find VC’s or investor for funds. The best way to eliminate competition is buy them we saw AppDyanmics acquired by Cisco , Twitch by Amazon.

My investments in San Francisco has dropped to 90%, the cost to startup is so low as of now. Money will find the brain power easily. Its not about the location , its about the smart people.

What I finds making deal in Shark Tank  is , if enterpreneur is working 24 * 7 for his Business as someother part of world someone is also competing hard. I like to invest in future business which are on AI , Machine learning and Deep learning.

90% of my reading is now about Deep learning , neural networks , AI world.

Automation will definately play major role in future , it will replace what we do most of things manually today.

Netflix and Amazon are two best start-ups followed up by Google & Facebook.Netflix and Amazon these 2 of my major share holdings.

We are working on applicaiton (App that will make replies to a tweet private ) that controlling whose gonna troll on twitter. Trollers troll beacause they want to get noticed.

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Jack Ma talks about globalization , trade and ease of doing business in China

Jack Ma (Ma Yun , Age 53) is Chinese business magnate, philanthropist, internet and technology entrepreneur, who is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group.  His Net Worth is $37.9 billion .  Jack Ma talks about globalization , trade and ease of doing business in China at Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou (China) ,2017.

Alibaba is going to invest $15 billion in technology . This investment will help us to make lab like Bell lab and will empower other people, traditionally tech company will use investment to empower themselves.

AI will not be threat to humanity , I am optimistic about future.

China has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to stability of political system. In next 10 years China will have 500 million middle class people. China has 150 million people holding qualified degree which is half of population in U.S. China is country still talks about globalization , open door policy & encouraging enterpreneaurship.

When trade stops , war starts. Every country must benefit from globalization.

Amazon is an ecommerce company but Alibaba is not ecommerce company. Alibaba enable other people to do ecommerce.

No internet company can survive after 5 years if it they cannot reinvent themselves like Yahoo and Netscape. Alibaba has transform themselves 80 times in last 18 years.

In next 20 years , Alibaba’s GMV (Gross merchandise volume) will reach to be one of top 5 economies in world.

To do business in China is as difficult as doing it other countries. 3 rules to do business in countries ,
1. Respect culture,market and consumers
2. Should have strong leadership, leaders have to make customers happy not boss happy.
3. Have patience

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