You should buy Bitcoin or Beware of it ?

Should you Buy Bitcoins or not , lets find out. This are the quick thoughts from Cryptocurrency experts and on BloombergQuint session Bitcoin: Buy Or Beware.

1. 1800 bitcoins generated everyday approx.
2. Million machines were deployed on bitcoin network currently own by single or multiple people & located at various parts of the world.
3. China has majority share in Bitcoin mining.
4. Value of Gold globally is about $8 trillion and that of Bitcoin is $274 billion . If we see for next 20 or 10 years dont know if exists the Bitcoin or might it will reach trillion dollar .
5. More number of participation on Bitcoin network will increase value of Bitcoin.
6. Cryptocurrency biggest technological shift since Internet evolution.
7. Expect 5 tp 10x return over next 6-18 months.
8. Invest what you can afford to loose.

There are around 40 Bitcoin exchanges globally , here is full list of it.

Bitcoin as of today worth :

1 Bitcoin : $16,532.70

Bitcoin market capitalization  : $275 billion

Image source: techcrunch

Here is full video of BloombergQuint session on Bitcoin : Buy or Beware ,