What is Net neutrality , does it really matters to you ?

Net neutrality is a concept where all ISP’s (Ineternet Service Provider) must treat content same should not charge separately for user, content,website etc.
For example , if your watching Netflix then your content its nothing but data in terms of packet these packets must be get delivered to you via services which is nothing but your ISP (Ineternet Service Provider) . It means the what content you watch or stream its speed totally in hands of your ISP. To have fast service / streaming you have to pay more as of now.
In 2013 Comcast (USA one of the largest ISP) had slowed down Netflix streaming , after paying certain $ amount in 2014 by Netflix to Comcast speeds were up 30%. Bringing in Net neutrality will treat all content equal and at same speed to all not interference of ISP.
In this week 11-16th Dec 2017 , The FCC (Federal Communications Commission)┬áchairman Ajit Pai announces reversal of order by Obama Administration on Net neutrality to regulate ISP’s under telecommunication act of 1934.

If we bring Net neutrality ,
1. You dont have to pay more for extra services.
2. Small business will compete over large corporations on content lead to benefit end user.

Disadvantages :
1. Your ISP has all control / access over your content , what your browsing and speed of it.
2. You will have to pay more for different content on different sources over internet.

This below image summarizes Net Neutrality ,

Image source: Imgur

What if it comes in India ? . Let me know your thoughts in comments section below.