What Industry leaders think about investments in Gold Vs. Stocks (Equity) ?

Business leaders such as Microsoft co-founder, Billionaire Bill Gates and Legendary investor Warren Buffet talks about Investment in Gold Vs. Equity at CNBC Squawk Box.

Bill Gates : Gold investment is tough investment , because its so psychological & less innovation.

Warren Buffet : A productive asset will outperform a non-productive asset like gold over time. I gurantee that
farmland or equities will outperform gold over 100 years. If you take all of the gold in world about 165,000 metric ton (approx.) & all put together in cube which comes 67 feet a side. Cube is 7 trillion USD , all of the stocks in U.S market comes around 20 trillion USD.Business will change over time but looking at cube of gold will remains same , its easy to differensiate.

Now lets see Gold Index vs. Stock Index this year till date ,

Period S&P BSE SENSEX Gold 24Carat / 10g
1st Jan 2017 26,595 28,833
24th Nov 2017 33,679 31,647

So summarize Stocks or equity outperforms Gold over investment.