All you need to knowbout 16.10.17 launch event of Tesla’s Semi Truck

Elon musk unveiled the Tesla Semi Truck at event on 16.10.17. It will first electric truck ever will be called semi trailer truck in U.s) . Musk called it as ‘hardcore smack-down to gasoline car’. Now lets look at the features and productions date.
1. Production will start in 2019
2. Reservation starts at $5000
3. 500 mile range
4. Single charge it will go upto 1,000 km.
5. Cost about $200,000 (Average truck cost $120,000)
6. It can tow 80,000 lbs
7. Enhance autopilot feature
8. Automated emergency breaking, lane keeping , lane departure warning.

Here is the preview of Semi Truck,